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TUFTSim Tools

The Tools page contains all the necessary programs to run a successful simulation on the TUFTSim simulator. There are two downloads for each program: the program file and the archive file. The program file contains only the program itself, whereas the archive file includes the source code and the README for the program.
Note: the perl scripts (addClocktoDgp, flt2fls, generateFLT) are posted as .tar files. There is no archive for those files because the executable and the source code are one and the same.
Program NameDescriptionDOWNLOAD
File TypeVersionSizeDate Posted
addClocktoDgp.pl This program adds a clock as a primary input into a waveform (.dwe) file. The clock input alternates between low and high values. program 1.0 .80 kb 1/5/05
no archive - - - - NA - - - -

bench2ver Program that converts a file from type "benchmark" into "verilog." program 1.0 1094 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 13.3 kb 1/5/05

crest This program extracts a symbol table from a (*.dee) file. program 1.0 6.5 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 16.9 kb 1/5/05

decode This program generates a list of all elements in a network (.dee) file. The output is saved in the file: (network_name).extr program 1.0 742 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 16.4 kb 1/5/05

flt2fls.pl This program converts a fault file from type 'flt' (industry standard) to type 'fls' *used in the TUFTSim simulator). Note: The symbol table (.smt), fault (.flt), and verilog (.v) files all must be present in the network directory for this program to run correctly. program 1.0 8.6 kb 1/5/05
no archive - - - - NA - - - -

func_TSdgp2dwe This program takes a waveform in dgp format (which func_waveformgen deals with) and turns it into a .dwe format (which the MCS simulator inputs) program 1.0 1100 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 57.9 kb 1/5/05

func_waveformgen The initial function called to generate a random waveform to put into the simulator. program 1.0 1100 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 59.9 kb 1/5/05

generateFLT.pl This program generates an FLT fault file from scratch. Note: The circuit verilog file (.v) must be present in the network directory to properly run this program. program 1.0 11.2 kb 1/5/05
no archive - - - - NA - - - -

Parse This program converts Verilog (*.v) files to DEE (*.dee) files. program 1.0 203 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 1199 kb 1/5/05

Tufault This program takes in a .dee file and outputs a file with the same name but adds the .fls extension. This file contains all possible faults at the inputs of non_wire elements (ie gates, behavioral, ...). program 1.0 50.3 kb 1/5/05
archive 1.0 6.1 kb 1/5/05